Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'M BACK...i think

i'm back only just ...i am teetering on the please be patient
so much has happened ..nothing too major or life threatening ..a little drama along life's highway that's all!!
firstly the little cottage that we were about to build has come crashing down...due to the council's unsympathetic unwavering insight into living on a rural block..we were told that we had to put in a 99000 litre water tank if we were to proceed ..and wait for it ...the tank would have measured 7.5 metre across x2.5 metres wide ..which would have been the same size as the little cottage POUFF..that went out of the window..
then because of all the council stuff i was researching and found out that where we live is earmarked for around 700 dwellings in POUFF...staying here went out of the window.
also my daughter has recently had to undergo major surgery and i was on nanny duty 24/7..
pretty exhausting i can tell you..
i also have been working three days a week now and i don't know what or how i would cope if i didn't have my good friends wonderful boss...and my little slice of of life that is mine and mine alone...
i have also had the good fortune to have been on a trip to albany...i loved it ..i felt i had come home ..we had of course dear emily who was our chauffer and tourguide and it was ajoy to have her with us ..THANKS EM...and my dear friend danielle and leah ..i love you both...
as you can see i have a new book called VELVET PEARS.. BY SUSAN SOUTHAM...i want to live in this book ...i love it..
a littlebit of hooky stuff going on ..and socks of course...there will always be socks on the go..
i feel the juices rising ...albeit alittle slower than the norm but nonetheless rising..
i want to be on fire again hopefully not to far away ...maybe over the next horizon?


Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

Hi, it's a very great blog.
I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
Keep doing!

julie said...

sounds like you have been in the same place as me, poorly daughters, building and general summer visitors and mayhem
welcome back
jules x

Julia said...

Hi Lynnie...good to see your back.
Life has a way of throwing us a wobbly now and then...
I hope all will be well now and your DD is Ok...sorry to hear about the cottage,
Julia ♥