Sunday, November 30, 2008

mildred this one is for you. the mulberry is the fruit from the tree that produces the leaves that silkworms eat. at my grandson's school i was the only person with a tree and i had to pick FRESH leaves twice a day for the greedy grubs to munch on .thankfully they have spun their cocoons and no longer need feeding.

meet the mulberry muncher, this chook ain't silly she doesn't stray too far from the tree...

now you don't!
now you see it!

what a warm welcome

thank you to all of you wonderful ladies from all over the world that posted a comment on my first posting you really have made my day ... thank you
sunday sweet sunday and nothing to do..... yeah right ,whoever wrote those words didn't live on 7 acres and have alpacas the weather is sunny and calm and i have just given the veggie patch its morning drink .i still do not know how to do the photo thing but help is coming this arvo.i am also on nana duty this afternoon and my grandchildren will be deberrying[ is there such a word] the weeping mulberry tree that is laden with friut. i have had to net the tree in order to keep away the green parrots from eating every berry in sight. its really funny to watch when i let the girls out on a morning [ 6 beautiful isa browns that i rescued from a battery farm ]and they run straight to the mulberry tree for their breakfast eating the ones that have fell during the night, bless em. well i,m off now to buy a couple of tomatoe towers and more lupin mulch talk soon and thank you for visiting...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Iv'e done it !!!!!!!

with the help of my friend Julia i have entered the world of the blogger. I may however have forgotten to breathe while the whole process developed phew!!! Please be patient and very gentle with me as i learn the this space - please.