Wednesday, August 25, 2010

cath goes to paree..

yes well cath [kidston] is coming to paree with me...
as i have not travelled for sooo long since arriving to oz ..i am a little unsure as to what to take..
if it wasn't for my dear friend kim ..i would have nothing to wear..
kim has dressed me for the journey and i can't wait to wear my new clothes
those who know me know i am a fan of cath [a girl can't fight her roots]
so my little darling of a silk jacket arrived and this will be coming with me..
so i will be button hunting to replace the 4 buttons on the jacket while in paree
also the messenger bag [also cath] is coming along too
a girl has to have a big bag for all the purchases one has to make!
and those little 1/2 inch hexagons in liberty of course are my travelling project?
we will see how much i actually sew!!
well i am signing off now as i need to pick up momentum for the holiday/shopping trip/sightseeing/drooling/ooing and ahing/not much sleeping/and i have soo much to sort out ..
and this i can promise you and myself...I AM GOING TO CHERISH EVERY make that..
back in 3 ..... weeks that is oh and be careful what you wish for as you just might get it! i did!

Friday, August 20, 2010


well i am on the countdown....2 weeks to go to paris ....yay
i have a head like a least that is better than having cemented sinuses..all gone and i can b..r..e..a..t..h..e... again ..wonderful
then as i was coming throught the fog grandie asked for a quilt with strawberries and some caff kidsum [cath kidston] off we trotted to the stash and strawberry fields was born.
i love 4 inch squares..
they are a perfect size..
so what do i do when i have soo much to organize??
i quilt
and i start a new crochety project...also for the grandie..
we picked out bright and bright it is different to my normal palette..
baby cashmerino has such a yummy selection can never get bored
oh and i am also getting my crafty project together for the 21 hr or so journey ...
let u have a sneak peak next time..
so toodleoo and off to the machine i go ...

Friday, August 13, 2010

super bugs and spring....

hello ...
no the car didn't crash into the tree!!
forget the car [son's left over after using said car 'for bits'] spring is definately here.
the blossoms are blooming and blooming they are..
also a beautiful bowl of yellow tulips as a thank u from a knitting friend...lovely..
now to super bugs...of the fluey variety ..
i have escaped these deadly little so and so's all winter long .
but then the inevitable happened and bang i got one..right up the nose..literally..
infected sinuses..and yeah a course of antibiotics is the only thing that will take away cemented sinuses...
then the probiotic to help the antibiotic..not to mention when you can take these...hmm is it on a empty stomach or with food????
it's all too hard
but i can deal with ALL THIS ...
yes i can ..
because you see....I AM OFF TO PAREE..........
in september i am flying with deb paris ....yes yes yes to paris...
so no amount of sinus or s... is going to stop this little girl from getting REALLY .REALLY ..EXCITED...
so i'm off to sniff some wasabi up the nasal cavities ....cos i really have to get rid off this before i'm off to paree.....