Tuesday, September 22, 2009

i'm the king of the castle..

i'm the king of the castle....
no you're not ..i am...
i don't think so ..i am..
spring has sprung and some haircuts are needed..
then yesterday we had a low 15 degree day..
i think i will let them keep their fur coats on another week or so?
we have a long weekend coming up at the end of this week and guess what i'll be doing??
i will be helping deb and the team to move our lovely shop across the road to bigger premises..
a lot more room and you know what that means..more wool , more fabric...more of the nice things in life... can't wait..


Danielle said...

yes, wasn't it cold yesterday! I was snuggled under your very beautiful Liberty quilt whilst stitching xx

Elise said...

Lovely post, thank you !