Thursday, April 30, 2009

socks and the zone...

after the completion of the crochet blanket i really needed to knit..
you know something soothing, mindless and what i call tv knitting..
the rythmic knitting in rounds really does soothe my soul... my red wine..
so after the little beauties above were finished then i had to use the kiogu again and couldn't decide which.. the lettuce green or the citrussy orange ..
so i started both ..
the orange are a smaller size so we shall see [and they are for a dear friend in the uk] ...
when i knit like this i enter the zone and then all kinds of knitty, yarny and fabricy things enter my head ..
i am already planning something crochety...see what happens when you are in THE ZONE...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

crochet blanket complete..

well i have finally finished the crochet blanket
i am really pleased with the whole thing ..
i will miss the nightly regime though ...
well onward and upward as they say .
i am now on with the other sock as i am now going to teach these little beauties at calicoand ivy as i want to share this method with other would be sock knitters .
anyone who has ever wore a pair of handknitted socks will tell you that they are the best thing ever ..

Saturday, April 25, 2009

liberty lovelies..

just in case you think i have been idling away suree..
i have been sock knitting as you can see with the hauntingly divine koigu yarn that we now have in calicoandivy ..
also i have started putting or should i say adding to my broken china [stack and slash] quilt top.
again it is scrappy and lots of fabric using up ..
i cannot bear to part with even the smallest skerit of liberty as it's pedigree demands that it should not be tossed into the ether.
so i find great pleasure in sewing the smallest pieces together so they shall be preserved for my daughter and grandaughter..
i have also been babysitting this week as the holidays are now upon us and you know that babysitting takes us away from sewing .So this weekend i will make up for lost time and reconnect with my machine ,crochet hook or maybe my sock knitting ... maybe all three..

Sunday, April 19, 2009

liberty quilt top complete...

hooray ..
i have just completed the quilt top using my liberty fabrics and i haven't even made a dent in my stash..
you can't really see all 56 blocks but you can get the gist .
i am really pleased with the look and of course the fabrics all have little stories to tell..
i will getit quilted by a proffesional as the quilting bit doesn't interest me in the least ..
i say everyone to their own...
now if only i can finish the crochet blanket edging this week i will be in utopia..
also i have started a new pair of koigu socks from the new yarn at calicoandivy.
i didn't really intentionally want to knit the socks as yet but the yarn called me and i succumbed ..

Friday, April 17, 2009

the crochet border..

this is the final round of my blanket..
i have come this far and i figure that i could of stopped with just the last round of trebles ..but oh no something has driven me on to also put on a scolloped edge in the cream baby cashmerino that i have used for the sashing around my granny squares.
now i am happy..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

look what came in the post..

the latest cath kidston catalogue..
she has the most charming things in this always..
i must write a wish
also drawing to an end is my crochet blanket ..
the flounce border is everything i thought it would be and some..
when i finish this round i could be finished but there again i may crochet a round of small scollops in plain cream...hmmm... i wonder...i might consult the oracle on this one...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

everyone loves liberty...

what is it about my liberty fabrics?
this little suitcase is used to house my vintage liberty tana lawn so it is quite a special little case..
but someone came along and decided that they would claim it for the night ...
i didn't have the heart to move her ..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

liberty and more liberty...

judging by all you clever crafty bloggers out there easter is the time for family and a spot of crafting..
so that is exactly what i intend to do over the next two days ...
this liberty quilt i am working on became re invented as i had thought i had finished when i completed my 20th block..but oh no ...that was too easy..
then i changed my mind and the 20 became 56 ..
oops how did that happen..
the design wall at calicoandivy that is how..
after putting it on the wall i then realised that plan A was a no no...
so enter plan B and i think i am happy with that ..
so onward and upward and hopefully i will have the top completed this week..

Friday, April 10, 2009


a different kind of easter egg..
scotch eggs..
i know you can't eat them on good friday but there are no choccy ones in this house..
home made scotch eggs are the yummiest and the bread crumbs are wheat free,gluten free,dairy free,egg free,yeast free,soy free and nut free...
well what are the breadcrumbs made of i hear you ask ?..
100%baked rice..
and by gum they do their job well...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

pet lamb and watermelon....

whirly fig that's a name for a beautiful skein of colinette lovlieness...
calicoandivy has just recieved a shipment of colinette yarns all beautiful and very very inspiring ..
i am lusting after the jitterbug sock yarn as you can see ..
needles at the ready ..
also sunday i decided that i would treat the girls [my rescued battery chooks] to a watermelon fest..
but look who spotted it ...the noise was appalling i think she is a pig in sheeps clothing ..

Sunday, April 5, 2009

a tootle and a spot of rippling..

another tootle to fremantle with pat and she took me to the highest viewing point in freo..
then we saw this house..
i don't know the full story ,something to do with land rights and how unjustly he was treated by the local council ...
talking of local council we have just had the plans passed for 'the little cottage ' that we are about to build so watch this space...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

thank you julia

well look what i have [oops i mean julia] done..
i have finally got rid of the toile back ground on my blog..
i have used a piece of vintage american wallpaper from the early 1900's and isn't it gorgeous?
i know there is a few lines here and there but i don't care i feel at home now and i will never tire of this image ..
thank you julia , without your help and kindness i could not have done it ...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

grass trees..


i have always had a fascination with these native australian trees..
they are found nowhere in the world but here.
they earned themselves a nickname of 'black boys' as their silhouettes resemble black boys in a group...however this name is not politically correct and the name grass tree is now used..
there true name xanthorrhoea is too much to roll off the tongue..
there is a group of people rescuing these trees from developers and named themselves replants ..
and what a marvellous job they do too..
they trim their hair [sorry leaves] into cute little 'haircuts' and some are really comical and very humanising and each grass tree then has its own persona ..cute ..
i am thinking i would love a driveway with them on either side but i wonder if they are alpaca proof???