Monday, August 1, 2011

a blip ...

my life has hit a huge blip...
that is why blogging seemed so insignificant that i just simply didn't want to do it!

but i think and hope that the blip is dissolving and life seems to be getting there..

one thing i know is that my blog does make me finish my creative projects and diarising them is the most kick up the jacksy that i do need..

what does a couple of messy court 6 yr battle in the family 2 year battle with a scamming nieghbour over a fence...finding out a sibling has a grade4 glioma brain to ones life???

you shut down..close ranks..defend at all retreat into your little cocoon..

but you have to work to pay for all the chain of command ..and my job and dear close friends have pulled me through..the invisible silver thread...

the glue..

they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger...yes i agree..but it does leave you with a rotated pelvis and a stress reading of 1158%..

however my pelvis is unrotating as my body and mind are now retracing and the road back isn't as bad as the road forward..

but there has been constancy in my life friends my craft

in my solitary solace there have been thousands of stitches knitted ,crocheted and stitched..

wonderful therapy indeed..

now to attack 6 months of stash building...i think i know where i am going??