Monday, December 28, 2009


forgot to tell you to click on the sea photo as you will be able to see my son on the surfboard....


playing hooky at the beach..

well what can you do when the forecast is for 40 degrees??...
you can all go to the beach to let the breeze from the indian ocean cool and calm your spirit..
and it did work too.
of course while father and son [son is on the surfboard in deep contemplation] cooled off in the sea i played hooky..
with a bottle of fizzy water ..factor 30+..and under a huge beach umbrella i crocheted my little heart out...bliss...bliss...bliss..

Saturday, December 26, 2009

merry xmas....

merry xmas to you all...
and remember life is just a bowl of cherries...xxxxx

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

a lady of many talents...

my beautiful friend kim sent me these lovely things in the post..
i always jump for joy when a kim parcel arrives ..
above is my favorite liberty fabric called boats but i call it st ives[cornwall]..
kim made a perfect little shirt for my 5 yr old grandson..
also i sent her a teddy bear nightshirt and kim has copied it right doen to the little hole at the back of the shirt ..for teddies tail of course..
and now i am on holiday for a whloe two weeks ..hitting the food...and more food..and generally chillaxing....and thanks again kimxxxx

Friday, December 18, 2009

new old look

i know i should be out xmas shopping but i loathe the crowds at this time of the year so i thought i would give my little table a bit of a facelift...i think the lampshade started this..
so i had some cath kidston oilcloth and voila..a new old look...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a new old lampshade.

i have just had a new lampshade made for my standard lamp..

i used one of my favorite cath kidston fabrics [ now obsolete ] called posie .

i absolutely love it to bits..xxxxx

on my needles at the moment

thought i might have a change of direction...

you all know i am an addicted sock knitter and i work on addi needles size 2mm ..that is small..

now i am at the other end of the scale and using 15mm rosewood needles.

i am of course knitting a throw in colinette point 5 and giotto together..hmm's a little different i can tell you..

i'm not thinkin of xmas..yet!

i'm not thinkin of xmas can i ? ..when i am stood in the indian ocean in 39 degree heat and the gentle waves lapping and cooling my body as i gaze toward does it feel like xmas???is that snow on the horizon?? nah it's a great big pelican!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

my beautiful friend...

my beautiful friend ..danielle.. gave me a gift at work the other day..i was a little taken a back at the time ..i know how much time and effort and not forgetting ..THE LOVE.. that went into this creation.
the enormatiy of it did not hit me until i got home and i did shed one or two tears when i looked at it again..
they were tears of joy that this wonderful person has come into my life and adds so much to it.
i thank u and treasure the gifts u have given to me have a heart as big as tassie..
i am truly priviliged to have u in my life both on the creative and on the friendship side..
thank u danielle...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

xmas already???

is xmas coming already??
where did the year go?
do any of you feel that way?
anyway i thought i would treat myself to a ponsettia know ...just to remind me that xmas is really COMING...
i feel a bit like a vintage mercury glass bauble... a tad fragile!...

Friday, December 4, 2009


i love my job...
especially when we have had a new delivery..
when i went to work [check out debs new blog ] yesterday the new kaffe fassett collective had just arrived and i snaffled a couple of melange by phillip jacobs and a couple of the most contempary circles in the most amazing colors..
then as i was doing a bit of searching thru my cath kidston i had to put some colors together to make these dear little yoyo's..
oh ! and before i shoot off the new heather bailey felt rolls are a must have ..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


dumped.... sorry to start on such a negative but has the world gone mad?
last night around 5pm my daughter was on her way to my place and spotted a suspicious looking white ute hovering at the side of the new perth to bunbury sliprode...she turned her car around and approached as the callous degenerate was pulling away..
then she saw the box he had dumped at the side of the road ..upon closer inspection was three kittens ..two were already out of the box in the dense undergrowth is the lucky last who was slower than his siblings..
he is now warm and loved .
these little guys are only about 6 weeks old fleas and well cared for..and reeking of perfume..
what kind of a man could do this??
we have been out twice looking for the other two but no luck..
there are no words to express what i would do to someone who could do this !!!!
we have called the local papers and hopefully someone might recognise this little man and know what her partner has done ...oohh i'm so mad ...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

friday tootle...

friday tootle...i can highly recommend to put one in a good mood..
danielle and i met for the day and we had a lovely lunch at my favorite tearooms
then we had plenty of chatter and some more pottering..
and i just had to show you a present from another dear friend leah..thank you.. tiny little crocheted people... i wonder if they want to tootle too!!...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

fabrication francaise...

cornflowers for my dear friend kim ..i loved your story..
yesterday at www.calicoandivy we had a delivery of the long awaited french fabric...
shades of raspberry ,taupe and creams..absolutely divine...
i have always had a penchant for french fabrics..
especially vintage ones ..
this one is by paul dumas and is highly coveted ..just knowing this fabric is among my stash gives me day...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

colors of summer..

i think it's an english thing...loving cornflowers and sweet peas.. a leftover memory from my nana's garden that is why i grow them ..
little did i know that i would be growing them in a garden in australia..
but i am and here they are and i shall enjoy them ..
a trip to the vets later for a slight ear problem with my lovely elsa ..and ..a sinister lump that has appeared near her neck[ i will think positive ]..
and now there are only 3 chooks left ..we had a natural departure on the really hot day that we had the other day ..but she was failing and i know i made her life a heck of a lot better than the battery egg farm from which i rescued her from .. so i feel a little sad but no remorse..

Sunday, October 18, 2009

birthday picnic at the beach

what great day we had at the beach ...
daughters 32nd birthday we took off to the local beach and sat by the indian ocean under blue skies and a pleasant 28 degrees celsius...
we lunched on home made free range char suei chicken fruit salad ...and a biodynamic salad with biodynamic sheeps fetta cheese...all topped of with a good cuppa tea ...steaming hot from a wonder we feel regenerated ..i would highly encourage such weekend behaviour..
lots of laughing and talking ..only downer was my son couldn't go into the sea due to a 8 stitches surfing gash sustained yesterday at th surf beach in scarboro..
if you click on the middle photo you can see a pelican which landed not too far away from the grandchildren...

Friday, October 16, 2009

the scent of summer..

ahh ..the scent of summer.
honeysuckle and bet ..can't beat that scent to say summer is here
my climbing cecile brunner rose has never had so many buds on the branches..
me knows it was due to the nibbling of the alpacas who sadly no longer do the tip pruning for me.
so i must enjoy the little beauties while i can ..
off for tootle today with a friend...have a wonderful weekend..