Friday, September 18, 2009

i have a meadow...

i have a meadow in my back yard [7.50 acres] for the first time since coming here..
the lack of meadow was due to my roaming alpacas and my pet sheep..
but alas they are no longer here..
due to the changing land zoning policies looming we talked and after a LOT of deliberation we rehomed them to a neighbour not too far away..
we figured it was kinder to rehome them sooner rather than later as they had to stay together in their little family group..
i drive past them going to work and they are happy and importantly...together ..forever.
i have never ,ever rehomed an animal of mine ..
so i have a tinge of sadness more often than not ..
but i know we did the right thing..even if it hurts like crazy..
but the meadow now is teaming with all kinds of insects and parrots..and all the while these little wildflowers were underground sleeping until the time was right to resurface..
and what a joy to behold ...


Sarah said...

Lovely meadow. Sad to lose your beloved animals though.....and some of your dreams too. Oh dear, thinking of you.

julie said...

tres jolie, we have cows next to us and they eat everything so no meadow flowers for us
jules x