Sunday, September 27, 2009

on my needles at the moment

on my needles at the moment i have a another pair of socks..
crochet flowers..
and a mens cardi using rowan bamboo yarn in a silvery mushroom color..
i have wanted to use this yarn for so long and thanks to erica knight i have the perfect pattern and i am soo in love with this yarn..
also i washed my finished liberty quilt..
when i look at this quilt i feel such an overwhelming sense of pride and satisfaction..
i connect with times and places where i purchased the fabric and the the friends i have met along the way ..
thank you danielle for finishing the binding for me are a marvel..i will treasure you always ..
and thank you pat who made me driven to finish it even when i wavered ..
well i'm off to wash my second one now as it is a lovely drying day..

Friday, September 25, 2009

blue haze..

what a sight to greet you when you come up the drive ...
a beautful blue haze of wisteria ..and the fragrance is delicious...wafting as you walk by.
i always find it unusual as the flowers appear before the leaves.
i am training this little beauty onto an arch made from sticking a starpicket on either side of the doorway and then pushing a large reticulation tube[the black thing] over the top making a big beautiful arc ..which one day ..i figure about another two years..will be an arch of wisteria..
can i wait that long ? ...
yeah sure..

Thursday, September 24, 2009

for the man in your life...

a new book arrived 'men's knits' by erika knight fame...
for those of you ou there who are knitters, you have to agree that there is not much around for the guys..until now ..there is at least 4 i want to knit right now
then there was aother parcel filled with all the lovelies in the photo above ...some of the new spud and chloe fine in the most amazing colors with equally amazing names such as tutu ,sassafrass ,anemone ,cricket ,calypso ,dachsund ,clementine and gloworm..
and then some exqusite cashmere sock from artyarns in a pinky beige green..oohh ..i really need to knit..
also in the parcel ,some kaffe fassett sock yarns in subdued mud at the bottom of the pond colors...
with working in calicoandivy check out our website at kaffe HAS to be the best colorist around
his colors especially his shot cottons go with everything ..there is a color to match any fabric..he certainly lights up anything you happen to put with it...
he can sure make a quilt POP...
anyway off to workie now to see me maties and share in a few wows when we all have a cuddle of the new stuff..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

just a snippet..

hi just a snippet today..
a cleopatra sock..hmm ...somehow i can't see HER wearing these... did they have birkies in HER day???...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

i'm the king of the castle..

i'm the king of the castle....
no you're not ..i am...
i don't think so ..i am..
spring has sprung and some haircuts are needed..
then yesterday we had a low 15 degree day..
i think i will let them keep their fur coats on another week or so?
we have a long weekend coming up at the end of this week and guess what i'll be doing??
i will be helping deb and the team to move our lovely shop across the road to bigger premises..
a lot more room and you know what that means..more wool , more fabric...more of the nice things in life... can't wait..

Sunday, September 20, 2009

what a bouquet!!

what a bouquet!!! what a wonderful gift from my dear leah ..thank you from the bottom of my know exactly which buttons to press to brighten my day thank you thank you...
as you get more mature [older] some people that enter your life can make a difference ..after arriving from the uk 13 yrs ago now i left my lifelong friends and a couple of soulmates behind..yes we all promised to keep in touch and i have with a chosen few is only recently i have made connections to some wonderful people who are fast becoming soulmates on this side of the world too..i hold them dear and they know who they are..
and some crafty talk..a new yarn arrived from MISS BABS..don't u love the name..and is called CLEOPATRA.. of course some new socks are about to be born and they are going to be for me !!
how selfish can one be ! i don't care ..i am having these ...
look forward to watching them grow...

Friday, September 18, 2009

i have a meadow...

i have a meadow in my back yard [7.50 acres] for the first time since coming here..
the lack of meadow was due to my roaming alpacas and my pet sheep..
but alas they are no longer here..
due to the changing land zoning policies looming we talked and after a LOT of deliberation we rehomed them to a neighbour not too far away..
we figured it was kinder to rehome them sooner rather than later as they had to stay together in their little family group..
i drive past them going to work and they are happy and importantly...together ..forever.
i have never ,ever rehomed an animal of mine ..
so i have a tinge of sadness more often than not ..
but i know we did the right thing..even if it hurts like crazy..
but the meadow now is teaming with all kinds of insects and parrots..and all the while these little wildflowers were underground sleeping until the time was right to resurface..
and what a joy to behold ...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'M BACK...i think

i'm back only just ...i am teetering on the please be patient
so much has happened ..nothing too major or life threatening ..a little drama along life's highway that's all!!
firstly the little cottage that we were about to build has come crashing down...due to the council's unsympathetic unwavering insight into living on a rural block..we were told that we had to put in a 99000 litre water tank if we were to proceed ..and wait for it ...the tank would have measured 7.5 metre across x2.5 metres wide ..which would have been the same size as the little cottage POUFF..that went out of the window..
then because of all the council stuff i was researching and found out that where we live is earmarked for around 700 dwellings in POUFF...staying here went out of the window.
also my daughter has recently had to undergo major surgery and i was on nanny duty 24/7..
pretty exhausting i can tell you..
i also have been working three days a week now and i don't know what or how i would cope if i didn't have my good friends wonderful boss...and my little slice of of life that is mine and mine alone...
i have also had the good fortune to have been on a trip to albany...i loved it ..i felt i had come home ..we had of course dear emily who was our chauffer and tourguide and it was ajoy to have her with us ..THANKS EM...and my dear friend danielle and leah ..i love you both...
as you can see i have a new book called VELVET PEARS.. BY SUSAN SOUTHAM...i want to live in this book ...i love it..
a littlebit of hooky stuff going on ..and socks of course...there will always be socks on the go..
i feel the juices rising ...albeit alittle slower than the norm but nonetheless rising..
i want to be on fire again hopefully not to far away ...maybe over the next horizon?