Saturday, February 20, 2010


as you can see my 20 mins a day is showing signs of progress..
photo below is before and photo above is last night..
slow i know ..but anyone who has rippled knows it is part of the s.l.o.w movement
meditative it is ..and i really need that right now...
the blanket is also on the large side too about 2.50 metres wide so it will envelope the queen size bed.
and if i am anything to go by i never i will only ever crochet one it may as well be a BIG one...toodleoo

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


one of my indulgences to myself is subscribing to the three irish girls stash menagerie..
it is a yarn club that sends out the most inspiring yarns every two months ..
this month a calendar arrived too..
it gladdened my heart and soul..
above is the january picture[ the swirly yummy stuff ]
then february is the pineapple stuffed with a hand dyed yarn called...are you ready...tartrazine!!
talk about inspiration...
i say ...bring it on...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

my son brought me a present...

what a week...
i do not want another like it ...thank you..
faced with family drama's ..a little too personal to discuss and a little too i don't want to talk about it..any more...
then yesterday my wonderful son came around with new beau in tow ..and he brought me a present....TADPOLES...TADPOLES...
son said 'hi mum ..i really felt sorry for these little guys... .[son was helping a concreter take out a disused swimming pool]...and i knew you would know what to do with them!!...'okaay...
after a little journey we took them to a wonderful lake with lots of muddy reeds and let them go into the wide blue they went swimming their little tadpoley hearts out...
rescue complete..
now what i really wanted to do was sort through my crochet basket...especially after a long day at my wonderful work..
so i might be able to tackle the basket a bit later ...what i am noticing ...a lot of orange..tangerine..persimmon...
hmnnn ...maybe i'm lacking in vitamin C ... off to hit the berroca ..i need to get my bb..bounce back..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

birthday gift..

first things first ..thank you for all your kind wishes ...
and today is my 5???? something birthday..
my dear friend pat gave me a most beautiful ..let us get lost in the pages.. book.
my favorite is the gypsy caravan .look at the crochety goodness happening there..
i want to live in these pages..
please take me away...
i want to sleep on that little bed
i want to cook on that little stove
i want to sit in the chair by the fire and hook
not much to ask for it ..???