Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a colorful diversion....

for some time now i have had a mental block..
quite a while ago another little cardigan [similar to the one above] was taken home with someone without permission...even the little coathanger that i had crocheted went with it..
needless to say i was a little broken as any knitter knows striping is not the fastest way to knit..
so in tribute to my 'lost' little cardigan i decided to knit another one...[it has got rid of my mental block too]..
so a little finishing off today and little stripey can come with me to work tomorrow and set up residence to inspire all of the wonderful knitters out there..
i feel like i should put a tag on saying...
you can touch me..
you can feel me..
but PLEASE don't steal me!!..
but i won't..
i will send kind thoughts and love .. ripple did suffer a little...but only a tad..

Monday, March 29, 2010

vintagey vibe...

i have been sorting out a FEW of my little pieces of vintage barkcloths..
i might do a bit of sewing this easter know keep me away from the choccychoc...
but ..there again ..i might do a bit of both...if i am being totally honest...
or i might have a tim tam slammer....oohh ...yes indeedy..

Saturday, March 27, 2010

collections..or obsessions???

when does a collection become an obsession?
is it after 4 or ..maybe 5.. 6... 7... well i have gone past that in my collection of cameo tins..
my latest aquasitions are a full set that have winged there way across from the uk...
and oh how my little heart skipped when i saw them...
i think that the obsession started when i was knee high to a grasshopper and spent wonderful wekends at my nana's house..
here she had a cameo tin for her tea leaf tea...she would only use this tea from that tin to read the tea leaves for an awful lot of ladies that would come for a reading..
i wish she had taught me the gift..
i have yet to find the TEA LEAF TIN..but i will not stop sirree..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

are we there yet???

are we there yet ??? nearly i say...
the ripplethon is slowly growing and i have been hooking a tad more than 20 mins a day..
but what is it with my furry friends ??
i no sooner spread out my ripple on the bed and elsa came bounding at 100 km an hour and plonked her self on the bed and claimed it as her own..
then i did a bit of dolly bed stitching and along came kitty and did a 360 circle and claimed the dolly bed... and .... put her head on the little liberty pillow..
wise fur babies indeedy!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

up and down week...

me thinks the planets are all over the place ...
so in turn the universe is sending us all mixed messages so confusion abounds..
at least in our house not a good week for me and mine...
photo of my mums yoyo curtain cum quilt of which i have washed and dried with the
great ..cooler we have at the moment..
as i was hanging out my yoyo lovely i noticed the gum tree and the little bees frantic to get as much pollen out of the flowers as i snapped a photo..
the rippleathon is progressing due to fi's 20 mins a day...i am actually becoming very addicted to this blanket crochety goodness..
it does really soothe my soul...

Friday, March 5, 2010

eye candy...

well today i woke to cooler weather.... thank you universe..
then i decided i would give some of my favorite hooky blankies a freshen up..
so off they went into a cool frothy bath and were gently patted to loosen any dirt[ there was quite a bit ]..
then a gentle squeeze....and hung over the line in the gentle breeze...
and voila a beautiful pile of hooky goodness ..all lovely and clean..
i can almost hear the whispers...thank you that was lovely..
it really does my soul good...

Monday, March 1, 2010

gave son a no 2 head shave cut....
made dad a WIG!!!!....