Friday, October 21, 2011


it came in september
the inevitable
my brother fell asleep and the angels danced
he was gone
it has been so hard ...and final...
but i promised paul that i would not be sad ..[so hard]
he would not have wanted me that way..this i do know..
there were five rainbows on the day of the funeral and i know he was busy painting the sky..
every time i see one from now on..i will have my chat with him..
healing time now i come out of the grieving labrynth..i do feel strangely different..not bad or awful but i am seeing things in a whole new light...a cleansing.
my lethargy is subsiding and i feel new and creative things stirring..
the summer is almost upon us and the sun is a welcome warmth that penetrates the bones..ahh lovely..
i want to grow things ..i am doing..
i want to watch things happen slowly..i am
i am going to enjoy..i will
i want to love..i am already there
i am not wealthy..i am rich
i can breathe ..i am lucky