Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another sunny day in paradise

Or so the saying goes
We have beautiful blue clear skies
I❤this about Western Australia
A truly mediterranean climate
The main reason we moved here 17 yrs ago ..never regretted it for a second..
Tomorrow is going up to 31 ..
Just in time for the school hols and tomorrow is a bank holiday
So beach it will be..
My Betty blanket is coming on a treat
Only 4 more blocks to go..

Thursday, September 27, 2012


I have had to have a little detour this week
Although I am still working on my Betty blanket I had to give this yarn a go..
noro kogarashi
A delicious mix of 51% silk and 49% wool
I used a 6 mm hook .. Feels strange to jump to a larger hook..
I ❤❤this yarm

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunny sunday

A beautiful sunny Sunday here in little golden bay...
Forecast a lovely 22 degrees..
A great day for drying rescued wool blankets from the op shop...
A great day to start of with a full English..A Sunday ritual for us..
You can here our little tin cottage roof expanding in the heat of the sun .. I ❤this sound..
My lemons will soak up the sun too
❤that I grow lemons in our Mediterranean climate..
Maybe a beach visit later
See how the day pans out..
The powers that be have now declared that Sunday trading can go ahead and all the big shops can now open on this blessed day...
Why on earth would you even contemplate that??
Sunday has always been a family day .. A rest day
Oh and of course a roast dinner day
I for one will certainly abstain from Sunday shopping
Bring back the half day Wednesday closing..
We managed and were better off for it

Friday, September 21, 2012

Today is one of those windy rainy go away days..
We really need the water though..
So I am batting down the hatches...
Watching a couple of good movies ..
And of course it gives me a chance to do my favorite thing at the moment
Crochet .. Hooky.. Grannying
Whatever you want to call it
It's all good and nurturing stuff
Another three blocks..
Thirteen to go ❤❤

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Half way there

The latest hooky blanket project..
I'm halfway there..
I have decided that I need to make it six x five ... Thirty blocks in total

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beachy Sunday

Blue clear skies
Balmy 28 degrees
Has to be a beach day
Off we trott
Sparkly seas
The Indian ocean never disappoints
Still need your factor 30 plus
This is what Sunday's are made off
Plenty of fresh air
And of course the obligatory hooky business
Hope your sunday is wonderful too

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Days like these..

Life should have lots of days like this.
Great company
Fantastic food
A skip away from the Indian ocean
And a bit of hooky thrown in
Rocket,pear and parmesan salad
Tiny baby squid stuffed with prawn
With a Pernod bisque Creme
A tasting plate of lemon brûlée tart
Kaluha cheesecake and a frangipani raspberry tart❤❤

Friday, September 14, 2012

By the light of the silvery moon..

It's 4am ...
Elsa bear woke me up for a spot of toilet duty.. Old age and all that
Brain went into overdrive..
Out comes the crochet..
The world is quiet... Nice..
Really love this wool and cotton by rowan❤❤
Crochet ..quite contemplation
Brain starting to s.l.o.w. ...
Yes about 20 mins or so
Good job I'm not working tomorrow
I can hear the faint whoosh of cars
Going to work
Glad it's not me

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oh I do love a good sale...

I was not intending to buy but when I saw these Repetto ballet shoes on sale for less than half price...
Well you know the rest.,
I was lucky enough to visit their shop in Paris three years ago..
Absolutely divine
The shop.. The shoes ... The tutus
I have just paid half the price that they were in Paree..
Well chuffed❤
On the crochet front I am making yet another blanket
Onwards and upwards

Monday, September 10, 2012

11yrs old..

What does a beautiful young girl want to do on her birthday??
"I'd like to go to the beach after school and have a picnic...oh and can we have flask tea?"
So of course we obliged very willingly
Lovely day❤❤