Sunday, May 30, 2010

ooh feels like winter...

i love this weather ...dry and sunny ..but with a nip in the air..
don't get me wrong ..i love 9 months of summer..but when the mercury plummets my juices rise
so this morning we went off to the farmers market..
look..i have done the growing your own veggie thing..and fruit..all of which have succumbed to a smorgasboard for the local i have given up on that little project..
so the organic, biodynamic etc lovely people who do it really well have me as a regular.. from now on..
so i came home with broccoli, beans and watercress...biodynamic plums
and one of my favorite ..persimmons..
homebaked and gluten free carrot cake and florentines....nice for the 3 0'clock munchies..
and a bunch of flowers for moi...
so i have in the oven...roasting ..butternut pumpkin, red onions ,sweet potato and parsnips.
and my sl...o...w... cooker is on cooking a soup made from today's medley of veggie...more of a casserole i think ..
and i had to take a photo of one of the girls sitting in a plantpot by the back door ..she is actually taken quite a shine to this pot which has thyme in at least her little bot will smell divine..
chicken in a pot...not for this little honey ...i don't mind her using it as her little bed...
have a great weekend..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

winter is fast approaching...

what do you feel like doing when the nights draw in and the temperature starts to drop???
knit socks...
i have had a rummage through the old sock yarn stash and pulled out a few ?
there are some lovely mixes...bamboo and and wool...and seacell?
but for me it's the colors ...yes definately the colors..
so i shall wind these babies into beautiful balls and proceed throughout the winter months and knit socks,socks and more socks..
i once gave a pair to a man who was a really proffesional top ceo of a huge company...and when this super high corporate flyer opened the humble parcel and saw his socks...he cried...
not the loud moaning cry...but a soft tear appeared in the corner of his eye..
when he recovered he said ..'i will treasure these as i know how much love goes into each little stitch as when i was a small boy i would watch my grandmother knit ..and all she knit, was socks for all her boys ..and i was one of the lucky ones..and i still have a pair in my posession although worn out..'
he took my breath away...
and every time i show someone the craft i tell them this little tale and hope that the person who recieves them thinks about the love stitches in each wonderful pair..
and remember 'an average sock contains around 17000 stitches..that's 34000 a pair..
socks are only small but by stitch count they are immense...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the law of attraction....

i have yearned for a vintage caravan forever..
owning one seemed so far away..
when i was a child every weekend was spent at my nanas caravan at saltburn -by-the -sea.
so many happy memories many happy times..
then the child grew and married and had children and grandchildren of her own..
i bought the frankie mag a month ago and then proceeded to buy the above book..
oh how the wanting returned..
then my lovely husband came home and said he had something to show me..
so off we drove and then....i saw her...and she is all ours..
1945 is the year she was made ...and she comes to live with us in a month's time..
so i thank the universe for bringing her to us..
i think she will deserve her own's only fair..
and her name....I WANDA...but we shall call her WANDA...
let the memories begin.....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

playing with flowers...

i had to check out a new yarn.....
debbie bliss eco baby cotton..
a dream to work with...
beautiful ice cream colors ..and a little turquiose thrown in for a bit of pop..
i still miss my ripple though..i may have to start another ...okay ..mind is made up.. tootling off to the STASH...oohh i love this part .
i think this the best bit ..putting the colors together...
rummaging through past yarns ..reaquainting...touching... and reconnecting..

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

another hooky project finished..

another pillow ..or should i say cushion ..finished..
i think i get the most satisfaction from the journey ..
but ..yeah...i likey very muchley..
hope you do too...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


my ripple is finished

162 rows of trebles...450 trebles in each row
...72900...72900 trebles that my little hands have hooked..bless em
also 40 mins per row..
108 solid hours..
so this ripple was no mean feat..
but i will miss it..
i may suffer serious withdrawals..
but i do have other hooky stuff going on too..
i do love my ripple ..but so does someone else..
the pampered persian has the aversion to knead her puddings...ohh no siree..
not on your nelly ..not on this blanket..
and i must thank fi from marmaladerose fame for her inspiring 20 mins a this is where it all began..
so now i will just admire my hooky handy work ...and i must ring about insuring my hands..just to see how much they are worth..
ps sorry about the comment button mysteriously dissappearing
...i was trying to be clever and moderate my comments..but nah ..i made matters everything should be back to normal..

Sunday, May 2, 2010

what a lucky girl i am...

firstly thank you to my friend leah...a gorgeous bunch of bright happy flowers were brought to me at work ..they made my heart skippity skip...
then the new sophie digard scarves came in....
i succumbed to this linen beauty ...isn't she gorgeous... a true work of art...
i treasure these scarves...
the detail is second to none..
some people collect art and hang it on the wall..
i wear mine around my neck ...