Monday, March 26, 2012

i am back hooking ..
i never really stopped...just didn't blog about it..
i thought i would reaquaint myself with some old woolly friends from my stash..
in my world a true granny is all about colors..
using all colors in a zillion different ways..
each one a surprise ..the uglies next to the lovelies...
each square a little mandala...
healing as i hook..
reconnecting with hooky memories..
so no more hiding in the stash my lovelies...out you come ...
now where is that red... you know the one ...not tomatoe or fire engine...or blood..
the pinky cherry red..
oh there you are..

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Foetal positition

I am still in the foetal know the positition the experts say is a protective stance
I am slowly ...slowly unfurling
I still am finding that I have a really low
(actually zero) tolerance level..
By that I mean ...people that say " i

want to pick your brains"
I think since I became the different person that I now seem to be
I am constantly meeting needy and totally overinduged women
The constants in my life now mean more to me than ever
My family
My grandchildren
My true friends
I keep asking for guidance
It hasn't come yet
Maybe it's not time
So this post is being typed on my iPhone
As I sit looking out on the Indian ocean
You may ask why am I sitting here. Doing this
Hell , I don't know .
What I am thinking is "how the hell did I get here"?