Wednesday, May 13, 2009

vintage bliss..

most people that know me know that i love vintage things..
you know the stuff that has lived thru several lifetimes and nobody has yet put them to good use or they have cared for them during their lifetime and they are ready for a revival ..
i have a penchant for vintage wallpaper my favorites are from around the 1930's..
the sort that has been printed and when you run your hands over the pattern you can feel the paint..
well when we build the new little house this year [the planning is taking forever] i WILL be wallpapering ...everywhere..
this little pansy beauty will be going in the bedroom... not too much of it ..and of course something crochety to match ..maybe a cushion or two ..something that will not compete with my vintagey blanket...
ooh i love building houses i have only built one but it was great fun was a large 5 bed 2 bath wooden two story and i was forever cleaning..
well that one came and went and now we will be building a cute as can be one bed one bath cottage...still in wood ...on stumps ..on our acreage ...but as i will be using a lot of recycled materials both inside and out we have made the provision that it can come with us wherever we may wonder...
can you just picture it on the back of a semi trailer touring oz ...complete with pansy wallpaper...

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