Friday, May 22, 2009

sour dough and socks..

i think ,no i know ,that i am a better sock maker than a sour dough maker !!!
i had a wonderfull class last sat with yoke as our teacher and i thought that i had taken in everything?
but my first loaf went on the compost heap as it did not rise to the occasion!!
i will persist because this is the only bread i CAN eat..
i love the concept and the whole sourdough thing but i shall try again'...
what with feeding of the mother [ starter] and putting the dough to sleep in the fridge and then waking it up i feel that i have a newborn in the house..
still i refuse to give up because i LOVE the bread ,the taste and the fact that it so good for you..
however i shall refrain on putting on a photo until i have mastered the art...
off to check if the mother is alive and kicking[ i need to see bubbles ]...wish me luck..

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Julie said...

wow pretty and yummy all in one post :) xox