Tuesday, May 5, 2009

i'm really going green...and a new book..

i have decided to support my local organic suppliers and to help my carbon footprint..
i am now taking delivery of an organic fruit and vegetable box delivered once a week.
also i am taking delivery on friday of a 10 kg pack of grass fed organic meat all of course demeter certified ..
i have enrolled for a live smoothie workshop and a real sourdough bread making class..
i can't wait i love the slow food movement and if i really thought hard about it i would be vegetarian but i live with a carnivore..
so really it all boils down to living longer and better so i can knit crochet and sew until i am 180 years old....
also a new book out at the calicoandivy shop [0893833794] is the long awaited sequel to their first book material obsession 2 ooh it's scrumptious ...


Danielle said...

go green ! me too!

MarmaladeRose said...

You did make me chuckle with your 180years! I often think I need to live to be about 400 to fit in all the crafting I want to do!

Looking forward to seeing the finished crochet projects.

Muggsie said...

is the real sour dough bread making class with Yoke Mardewi?

She'll be at Boffins Bookstore on Friday with samples of her breads to sign copies of her new book.

Date: Friday 8 May
Time: 12:30PM - 1:30PM
Venue: Boffins Bookshop
806 Hay Street, Perth