Friday, February 20, 2009

oops ....

oops ..
sorry about the photo lying on it's side but i just couldn't get it all in so i aplogise , just be careful of the neck position ..
well the baby cashmerino granny square coverlet [blanket] is nearly finished except for the border ..
i think i will flounce the border so that it has a bit of weight to it and if you knew me i can't really do anything easy and ordinary ,can i???
hmmn this is not going to be as straightforward as i thought hmmnn i think i will go and consult the oracle .....


Anonymous said...

It is just BEAUTIFUL! I love the colors all laid out on the bed. Thanks so much for letting us be a part of this quilt.

Julia said...

Looks great..that was a big job!

Will have to show you how to turn the pic..
Julia ♥