Friday, February 20, 2009

finding old friends

waterlogged what can i say??....
iwent over to pat's place yesterday to make some more liberty square log cabiny things and as i was getting out of the car the bottle of water i was drinking on the way fell over and went everywhere..
there was only 600ml in the thing but it soaked every single piece of the strips i had cut in preparation to sew ..
so dear pat carefully laid out each strip over a chair on her balcony and the gentle breeze from the indian ocean wafted them dry..
but too late , my mood had changed and i didn't feel like sewing anymore , but i did ..
then when i got home i decided that i have to sort out my stashes.. yarn and fabric.. [this could be bigger than ben hur]..
so i started on my first [i have 4] box of liberty tana lawn [another addiction] and after sorting and carefully folding i found some old friends..
looking back thro these little pieces i reconnected the times of who i was with when i bought them and piece after piece this box not only holds the precious liberty but it also holds a lot of memories in their gentle folds...


Mildred said...

Oh, I am sorry about the water incident. Amazing how wet everything got with that little water. Your fabrics are beautiful and how wonderful to have memories of purchasing it all with special ones.

Danielle said...

opening a box of Liberty is better than opening a box of gold and jewels - of course

Julia said...

I'm sure it dried out Ok Lynnie.
Better water than coffee.
Julia ♥