Friday, February 13, 2009

friday the 13th

today i feel a bit overwhelmed by the whole bushfire thing.
i went online to donate to the redcross and the rspca and i am amazed at the magnitude of the whole thing..
the media circus is milking it for all it's worth and i am not going to watch the news as i do not like the way it is being portrayed .
we have to deal with these global tradgedies in our way and try to make sense of it all 'but i think the older you the more of a mark it leaves on you .
so i didn't feel like blogging but i know i have friends out there who check in so i blogged just for you guys.
i put in a photo from pat's balcony looking out to the indian ocean and the little dredger that sails back and forth to take away the sand that clogs up the shipping lane ..
happy birthday to dear julia - your a star with a heart of gold xxxxx
i hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend and the world starts to heal..


Julia said...

Thank you Lynnie,
I only wish this birthday was not tinged with the sadness of all that is happening...
julia ♥

jules said...

I always think the media overegg theses things and then people get tired of watching and switch off, which doesn't help the cause. glad to see you and yours are safe. love jules over in french freezing france xx