Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a colorful diversion....

for some time now i have had a mental block..
quite a while ago another little cardigan [similar to the one above] was taken home with someone without permission...even the little coathanger that i had crocheted went with it..
needless to say i was a little broken as any knitter knows striping is not the fastest way to knit..
so in tribute to my 'lost' little cardigan i decided to knit another one...[it has got rid of my mental block too]..
so a little finishing off today and little stripey can come with me to work tomorrow and set up residence to inspire all of the wonderful knitters out there..
i feel like i should put a tag on saying...
you can touch me..
you can feel me..
but PLEASE don't steal me!!..
but i won't..
i will send kind thoughts and love .. ripple did suffer a little...but only a tad..


Danielle said...

the cardigan is beautiful - even nicer than the last one! I love the softer colours. I'm so glad you got over that hurdle.

Julia said...

Just beautiful mean of someone to do that..I hope this one will be safe..
Julia ♥

Lurline said...

Not nice, not nice - BAD! Remember it is 10% of the people who cause 90% of the problems - this little beauty will be safe!
Hugs - Lurline♥

MarmaladeRose said...

What beautiful stripey goodness.