Saturday, March 27, 2010

collections..or obsessions???

when does a collection become an obsession?
is it after 4 or ..maybe 5.. 6... 7... well i have gone past that in my collection of cameo tins..
my latest aquasitions are a full set that have winged there way across from the uk...
and oh how my little heart skipped when i saw them...
i think that the obsession started when i was knee high to a grasshopper and spent wonderful wekends at my nana's house..
here she had a cameo tin for her tea leaf tea...she would only use this tea from that tin to read the tea leaves for an awful lot of ladies that would come for a reading..
i wish she had taught me the gift..
i have yet to find the TEA LEAF TIN..but i will not stop sirree..


Maria said...

I always think of these as "tea tins". They are beautiful
According to the ABC Show "Collectors" once you have 3 items its a collection ☺ So yes your hooked ☺

Danielle said...

beautiful - I hear that anymore than 2 is considered a collection xx