Sunday, June 14, 2009

something wonderful happened to me..

something wonderful happened to me yesterday while i was at work at calico and ivy..
it was a normal happy saturday and really busy as usual ..all of the regulars were popping in and some newbies too..there was a class on and one of my favorite people was attending the applique class run by my buddy anthea carboni...but there was a special secret lurking...
after the class i was with a newbie knitter and was saying goodbye to the girls after their class was finished and my dear ,dear ,dear danielle said there was something behind the counter for me ...i served my customer and looked ....I WAS BREATHLESS AND AMAZED...danielle had given me this quilt....... .it was made for me ...all my favorite fabrics .yuwa etc...i am in love ..
danielle are something else have the most amazing heart and you are so full of generosity and enthusiasm and you are so easy to be around .. our friendship will be cherished for ever ..and if this makes you shed a tear well so be it cos' i have done just that..
it just goes to show that when wonderful people enter your life you must cherish them ...
i have a handful [and they know who they are] and i will always find time for these special people
because they are truly cherished ...
thank you danielle [itchintogetstitchin]you have made one little grey haired english lady feel very special indeedy..luv to you ..


Danielle said...

I'm happy to have made you happy - you give me inspiration and guidance and so much more, I'm glad to have been able to give something back xx

MarmaladeRose said...

Wow! What a beautiful gift. I love patchwork squares. Did you cry? I would have done, teehee!

Your bunny is ready for you, I've posted a picture on my blog just to make sure your happy with him before he sets off on his long journey.

Love Fi x

beedeebabee said...

What a beautiful quilt!!! That story almost made ME shed a tear!!
What a lovely friend you have, and you sound just as lovely! Smiles, Paulette :o)

jules said...

oh how lovely, such a personal gift that you can keep forever
lucky you
jules xx