Saturday, April 25, 2009

liberty lovelies..

just in case you think i have been idling away suree..
i have been sock knitting as you can see with the hauntingly divine koigu yarn that we now have in calicoandivy ..
also i have started putting or should i say adding to my broken china [stack and slash] quilt top.
again it is scrappy and lots of fabric using up ..
i cannot bear to part with even the smallest skerit of liberty as it's pedigree demands that it should not be tossed into the ether.
so i find great pleasure in sewing the smallest pieces together so they shall be preserved for my daughter and grandaughter..
i have also been babysitting this week as the holidays are now upon us and you know that babysitting takes us away from sewing .So this weekend i will make up for lost time and reconnect with my machine ,crochet hook or maybe my sock knitting ... maybe all three..

1 comment:

Julie said...

WOW! I want some sock like these....(pouts) wish I could knit too :(