Sunday, April 26, 2009

crochet blanket complete..

well i have finally finished the crochet blanket
i am really pleased with the whole thing ..
i will miss the nightly regime though ...
well onward and upward as they say .
i am now on with the other sock as i am now going to teach these little beauties at calicoand ivy as i want to share this method with other would be sock knitters .
anyone who has ever wore a pair of handknitted socks will tell you that they are the best thing ever ..


jules said...

hi lynnie thanks for the tips about the slippers (hehe) maybe all I need now is one of your crochey blankets to put over mu knees so that I can sit out on the verandah.

hope you are well
jules x

Tracy x said...

oh my....
that is one beautiful blanket - i adore the way it looks so soft and curvy - i would never be able to keep my cats out of it!
thank you for all your cricket love - i am so glad that he is bringing so much joy to you and your family x
t x