Thursday, March 19, 2009


the kookaburra has long been associated with australia .
it is similar to the kingfisher but a lot larger and these birds have a sinister streak..
although they are native to australia they are not native to western australia and the rogue is the culprit in sending our little wren population into serious decline .
they are meat eaters and swoop on their prey from a tree where they are cleverly camouflaged .
when talking to a local ranger he had autopsied one which had 10 blue wrens in its belly!..
so you see the only kookas i like are the little camping stove that i had to use for breakfast on sunday as we had an ill timed power cut and i even had to use a camping kettle with a little whistle to make a morning cuppa..
then there is the lovely little ko0kaburra cinema [outdoor] that runs in a little community in the perth hills..
imagine sitting under the milky way[we are directly under it]and watching the movie AUSTRALIA in the evening air and being served refreshments from the local volunteer fire brigades ahh bliss...
a note at the bottom of the program "please generously support these tireless guardians of our hills lifestyle"..
i say hear hear and aren't these little communities wonderful?


Julie said...

Well , thats interesting. We have a resident pair of Kookaburras at our house as well as a couple of families of blue wrens. Have not noticed any trouble but the wrens do seem to stick to our fernery area close to the house, maybe to stay hidden.

Julia said...

poor little wrens...
Joe has put up a Gremolata recipe...I think you were after it...
catch up soon..
Julia ♥