Sunday, March 15, 2009

a friday tootle...

well after the week i have had i needed a well earned tootle..

so i called up a friend [an aunt who is only 6yrs older than me] and off we went..

the day was a little hot [anything over 25 is hot for me] so i had the aircon on in the car most of the time and we drove for a leisurely lunch ..

i drove away from the coast and we stopped at a place called settlers hills and we sat and had a vegetarian wood fired pizza ane some perrier water ..

then we opted for coffee with a view and back to the coast we went..

everybody wants to live near the water in the summer as it's always a few degrees cooler and there is usually a nice sea breeze ..and there was , coming in from the beautiful indian ocean .

there were plenty of kite surfers around and the photo i have take is of a little island just a few hundred metres offshore called ' penguin island '.

this little island has the most fantastic views and is home to a the fairy penguins [remember pingu?].

here they are studied and protected with round the clock supervision under the watchful eye of the rangers.

in the top photo you may be able to see two litte white shapes -these are the little ferries that take you to and from the island.
on this and the surrounding islands you can always see large sea lions basking in the sun and some are really large.
also in the summer when the water is calm you can actually wade across the sandbar 'which we have done only once.
after coffee we went home and i was totally invigorated .. tired but in an ivigorated sort of way..


Julia said...

Aren't we lucky Lynnie to live by our beautiful west coast on the Indian Ocean..
Sounds like you had a great day..
Hugs Julia ♥

Anonymous said...

Wow. What pretty pictures. The water is so beautiful. I am glad you had such a joyous outing. Sounds like it was just what you needed.

Jan said...

I remember Pingu. It was my grandchildren's favourite when they were little. I love living by our lovely coast. I miss it already.