Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ufo's and addendum

my friend pat enlightened me that the trees i spoke about are the flowering red gum not the australian xmas tree that i thought they were. Ufo's , how many are guilty of having one or two hahumm.... as you can see i have more than a few ..let me try to explain.. you see i am an aquarian.. a free spirit that cannot and will not be controlled .. i do not like repetition of any shape or form so i easily become bored [as you can see] but i love what i create ..i bond with whatever i make ..i suppose that it is probably due to the time i spend making it ...i also have what you would call a third eye.. i already know what it looks like even before completion ..so in my minds eye it is already finished .does that sound like gobbledygook? anyway i have made up my mind to finish the little pile of ufo's before i get a flash from above to start another thing! as you may well try to understand i can put on the washing ...decide to iron ...as well as doing the vacuuming.. and while i'm doing all these boring domestic jobs i will bake a cake!!!! a domestic goddess i am not!!


Mildred said...

Well, good luck completing all the loose ends so you can create something new! Have lots of fun.

Julia said...

From one aquarian to another aquarian.. I know what you mean..
I shall be keeping an eye on you to see just how much you finish!!
see you tomorrow with my sock.
Julia ♥

Lurline's Place said...
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Lurline's Place said...

Oopsy, Lynnie! I got myself a little confused there - I was telling you I am a Piscean, I also have a Third Eye, but I nave NO UFO's - sometimes I tend to tell little white lies, too! I'm a very true and loyal friend - hugs!

Lindi said...

Now, I can relate to that right down to the last T! I'm a Scorpio, but must have Aquarius in the relevant house! lol

Danielle said...

more photos please of all those lovely yarny projects. I had to enlarge this photo and carefully study all the treasures