Thursday, January 29, 2009

i did a bit of stripping.....

i did a bit of stripping yesterday ...these are all repro fabrics and i subscribe to a fabric club and all these little fat 16ths were doing nothing so i decided to make 1inch strips and make them 180cms long.
i will then put about 5 columns and insert some sashing between ..
this is my kinda quilting as i do not have the patience or the knowledge for the accuracy needed for the true traditional quilting..
then i set about more crocheted hex's and as i was also babysitting the last few days have been quite productive..
so today i have to shop and go to the bank [boring] and i may do a spot of stripping when i get back....

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Julia said...

Nice easy way to make a quilt...I think after the one I'm doing this will be a nice way to go!!
Julia ♥