Monday, October 22, 2012

Rare rainy day..

Here in oz we have one of those rare rainy heavy days.,
I'm happy that we don't get many of these..
We will probably have some blue sky sometime today
The only plus side to this is the air smells amazing
Fresh .. Grassy.., pine filled .. Reminds me of Spain or Portugal .. Very fragrant indeed..
So what's on the knitting agenda?
Hubby needs more socks .. Well he doesn't really ..,
But since I have been knitting in Lorna's laces solemate...
These are definitely the favorite
Made with outlast ..Temperature control fibre.. this yarn ticks all the boxes.. especially as our temps fluctuate so much and are a tad on the high side ..
So inbetween crochet and a bit of sock knitting .. rainy days are a welcome distraction

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