Friday, October 19, 2012

New beginnings..

6.25 am
Still a tad tired..
But the creative juices are all ready and raring to go...
The aftermath of crocheting any substantial project that it leaves you a bit high and dry..
You have had the journey .. The hooking pleasure.. The joy..the anticipation.. and then you have .. The end..
You then find that you truly miss it..
The blanket that has been with you for so long..
You then have to find a suitable replacement .. not as easy as it sounds
there is a lot of soul searching.. and lot of hmmming and ahhing..
You have to wait until something hits the spot..
Sometimes it takes a while for this to happen .. this has been the case..
Or sometimes it can be instantaneous...not the case this time
Until I came across this yarn
Usually it is the yarn that does it..
Rowan baby merino silk dk..
Yep ..
I'm off
New beginning .. New yarn..
Quiet time to test out the stitch
We shall see

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