Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunny sunday

A beautiful sunny Sunday here in little golden bay...
Forecast a lovely 22 degrees..
A great day for drying rescued wool blankets from the op shop...
A great day to start of with a full English..A Sunday ritual for us..
You can here our little tin cottage roof expanding in the heat of the sun .. I ❤this sound..
My lemons will soak up the sun too
❤that I grow lemons in our Mediterranean climate..
Maybe a beach visit later
See how the day pans out..
The powers that be have now declared that Sunday trading can go ahead and all the big shops can now open on this blessed day...
Why on earth would you even contemplate that??
Sunday has always been a family day .. A rest day
Oh and of course a roast dinner day
I for one will certainly abstain from Sunday shopping
Bring back the half day Wednesday closing..
We managed and were better off for it

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