Monday, September 3, 2012


I have the jitters ...
The time is fast approaching... Too fast..
Coming up to my brothers anniversary of his passing...
One whole year..
I haven't heard your voice..
One whole year..
Knowing you aren't there and never coming back..
It's been much harder than I ever could of imagined...
Saw a rainbow and thought of you..
Had a cuppa ..thought of you..
Look.. I think of you a lot..
Invisibly linked by a golden thread.,
Paul.. Paul.. Paul..
You are always with me..
I just have to be grateful for that..
Here I am ..crocheting in bed.. And thinking of you❤❤
You would have laughed and said
"Eeh our Lynn.. You crack me up ..
Get the kettle on !."
So I will do just that..
For you ..

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