Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the beast

the beast
i haveto excorcise my thoughts
and there is no better way than writing them down..or so they say..
the beast knows no boundaries
it lurks
it destroys
it has no eyes ears
it has a deep blackest of black heart
the beast attacks the young,the healthy,the newborn and the infirm
the beast lulls you into a sense of security..thinking that you have tamed it..
then the beast rises and consumes with the most ferociuos speed that you can't catch your breath..
it wins ..the beast claims another ..mother list is endless
the beast knows that it will die with its host..but it doesn't stop it..
the beast will always the end...
yes there are miracles.
not in my world
the beast always wins..
in my world
i have the scars to prove it
they are of course invisible to the human eye ..but they are there..
i am not even going to give the beast its real name doesn't deserve it
it deserves nothing
i am calming now as i write
i am processing
i am still waiting for the imminent death of the beast
it will be soon
then my wonderful beautiful life loving brother will be gone....

1 comment:

Clair said...

I cried when I read this.
Strength to you and your family.