Tuesday, May 4, 2010


my ripple is finished ...yahoo

162 rows of trebles...450 trebles in each row
...72900...72900 trebles that my little hands have hooked..bless em
also 40 mins per row..
108 solid hours..
so this ripple was no mean feat..
but i will miss it..
i may suffer serious withdrawals..
but i do have other hooky stuff going on too..
i do love my ripple ..but so does someone else..
the pampered persian has the aversion to knead her puddings...ohh no siree..
not on your nelly ..not on this blanket..
and i must thank fi from marmaladerose fame for her inspiring 20 mins a day..as this is where it all began..
so now i will just admire my hooky handy work ...and i must ring about insuring my hands..just to see how much they are worth..
ps sorry about the comment button mysteriously dissappearing
...i was trying to be clever and moderate my comments..but nah ..i made matters worse..so everything should be back to normal..


Ella said...

It's just gorgeous. Congrats on finishing it, it was well worth the time. :-))


megcowey said...

Congratulations Linnie, a real achievement. The pictures look sensational.

megcowey said...

Congratulations Linnie, this is a real achievement. The photos look sensational.

Julia said...

Well done Lynnie....it looks beautiful on the bed..
What's next?
Hugs Julia ♥

Danielle said...

it's beautiful, a magnificent heirloom! x

Emma Kate said...

This is beautiful absolutely stunning x

Becca said...

Wow - 40 minutes a row... it takes me that long to create one of the hexagons from Danielle's class! Lynnie this is stunning - shame we have to work to feed our habits otherwise think of all the other precious things we could make...mmmm


Marg said...

I have just found your lovely blog. What a wonderful ripply throw. Congratulations, it looks fabulous.
I have the same problem with my cats, and one of them always sits on my lap or the balls of wool while I am trying to crochet.

♥coco rose♥ said...

Hi Lynnie,

Thank you for posting your comments on my blog and thank you so much for telling me what those teapots are called! I love them! I was thinking of buying a few of the similar sort but now you have pointed me in the right direction.....oh dear......I think my purse could seriously be out of pocket!

Your ripple blanket is absolutely amazing. It's funny, I am desperate to get one started, but for some reason, i am finding it very difficult! Well, I have such a long list of 'to do's' crochet wise. It is so flippin' addictive and the kids are getting very frustrated at the amount of yarn clogging up the house! Ah well, I am happy! Have a lovely day! xxxx