Sunday, May 30, 2010

ooh feels like winter...

i love this weather ...dry and sunny ..but with a nip in the air..
don't get me wrong ..i love 9 months of summer..but when the mercury plummets my juices rise
so this morning we went off to the farmers market..
look..i have done the growing your own veggie thing..and fruit..all of which have succumbed to a smorgasboard for the local i have given up on that little project..
so the organic, biodynamic etc lovely people who do it really well have me as a regular.. from now on..
so i came home with broccoli, beans and watercress...biodynamic plums
and one of my favorite ..persimmons..
homebaked and gluten free carrot cake and florentines....nice for the 3 0'clock munchies..
and a bunch of flowers for moi...
so i have in the oven...roasting ..butternut pumpkin, red onions ,sweet potato and parsnips.
and my sl...o...w... cooker is on cooking a soup made from today's medley of veggie...more of a casserole i think ..
and i had to take a photo of one of the girls sitting in a plantpot by the back door ..she is actually taken quite a shine to this pot which has thyme in at least her little bot will smell divine..
chicken in a pot...not for this little honey ...i don't mind her using it as her little bed...
have a great weekend..


loulee said...

I had to laugh at your post today, a colleague of mine had the exact same battle with wildlife and her prize veggie patch is now a beautiful flower bed! Another colleague is playing hunt the eggs, long after easter, because her chooks don't like the laying boxes provided. LOL

MarmaladeRose said...

Hmmmm...David Essex you lucky thing. I bet that made the lentil episode pale away. lol.
I might be quizzing you on hen husbandry soon...ssssh!