Wednesday, January 6, 2010

new years resolution? ...

everybody is making one so i thought i should too..
a new years resolution that is..
so this my year to recycle and reuse..i already do anyway..but i have to take this one a bit more serious..
this is my year to only use eco and organic yarns..there is some beauties out there ..but you do have to search...and searching ,or you could call it the thrill of the hunt ,is what spurs me on ..
above are some yarns that have been dyed using organic and natural materials ..they have a semi solid look to them and the colours are amazing..
the fabric above is a vintage find and i have 5 of these amazing handstitched circles..they are quite large and i have to consult the oracle on this one ..
so you see i have made my new years promise to myself...and it starts today!!!...i promise..

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