Wednesday, October 14, 2009

new stuff...

i love recieving new stuff in the post..
it sends me off on a tangent..
i look at the colors and have a flash of inspiration and i drop whatever i am doing and give it a go
i made these flowers as soon as i looked at these shade cards so i figure what inspires is the color and then i go off and ferret through my stash..a bit like a deranged squirrel looking for pre buried nuts!..and come out with the yarn i want to use..
so i am happy crocheting along at the moment..
and the other day some friends and i met for a leisurely lunch by the river as it was a warm sunny day and one needed to be outdoors getting ones daily dose of vitamin we did and then i remembered...ahh... this is why i came to oz..


Lurline said...

You are so right, Lynnie - colour does inspire us and your flowers are so gorgeous!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Julia said...

Your flowers are gorgeous Lynnie...
Beautiful yarn, colours and threads..these would look great in SRE as well!
Julia ♥