Sunday, October 11, 2009

liberty quilts..

well it is all official calicoandivy has moved address...well we crossed the road to the sunny side of the street..
we are now at no 10 glyde street..
the new shop is much larger and has it's own yarn room [which i could happily live in ].
deb and the team worked so hard and the logistics were huge ..but everything is ticketyboo and new and fresh and what a lovely place to work..
yes..really is not hard waking up and going to work i can tell you..
you never know what delights await you when you get there..
then i was taken aback when deb wanted my liberty quilts to hang in the new shop..i was literally blown away and humbled at the same time..
without the encouragement of friends i would never have finished them ..
i thank them all from the bottom of my heart and made some wonderful memories along the way.
i have however made a decision ..i will only work in liberty fabrics as they bring me so much joy
and i must finish the one i have in the well as knitting ...crocheting..and of course a sock or two or three...

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Danielle said...

we've had so many comments at Calico & Ivy, this has to be the MOST INSPIRING quilt ever! x