Wednesday, December 23, 2009

a lady of many talents...

my beautiful friend kim sent me these lovely things in the post..
i always jump for joy when a kim parcel arrives ..
above is my favorite liberty fabric called boats but i call it st ives[cornwall]..
kim made a perfect little shirt for my 5 yr old grandson..
also i sent her a teddy bear nightshirt and kim has copied it right doen to the little hole at the back of the shirt ..for teddies tail of course..
and now i am on holiday for a whloe two weeks ..hitting the food...and more food..and generally chillaxing....and thanks again kimxxxx


Danielle said...

I'm drooling - they are beautiful!

Diane said...

I was tempted to your blog by a comment you made on another blog about your warm lagoon!! Ive seen the picture and I'm hopping on a plane!! It looks great!! That fabric is soooooo St Ives - my most fave place in the world. xx