Wednesday, November 18, 2009


dumped.... sorry to start on such a negative but has the world gone mad?
last night around 5pm my daughter was on her way to my place and spotted a suspicious looking white ute hovering at the side of the new perth to bunbury sliprode...she turned her car around and approached as the callous degenerate was pulling away..
then she saw the box he had dumped at the side of the road ..upon closer inspection was three kittens ..two were already out of the box in the dense undergrowth is the lucky last who was slower than his siblings..
he is now warm and loved .
these little guys are only about 6 weeks old fleas and well cared for..and reeking of perfume..
what kind of a man could do this??
we have been out twice looking for the other two but no luck..
there are no words to express what i would do to someone who could do this !!!!
we have called the local papers and hopefully someone might recognise this little man and know what her partner has done ...oohh i'm so mad ...


Lindi said...
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Lindi said...

I know just how you feel! It's atrocious behaviour!
The lucky little rescuee is a cutey. You're sure to have lots of lovely times together.

*I couldn't bear the spelling mistake in my comment!