Sunday, December 7, 2008

meet the family... here is wobbly ,he is the matriarch of the herd and a total worrywart. he is on constant alert all of the time to guard all of his underlings from any harm ... foxes won't come near , he keeps away snakes as the movement from them roaming around helps prevent that and i can't even let my elsa near for fear of her being rolled .the cats get out of the way . so he does a good job .as well as all that they have 3 little places where they all go to the toilet. i know you don't talk poo on a sunday but this is quite important .they have their three toilets which is a space of their choosing and always use them.a little heap develops with no smell and no flies... i call this alpaca gold as you can scoop it up and put it straight on the garden with no burning it's magic!!!


Julia said...

I do love wobbly...he does have a cute face..well i think so!!
Hugs Julia

Anonymous said...

Wobbly looks like he has on a wig, like the one in my blog for cats earlier today!!!