Sunday, December 7, 2008

meet the family... here is bambi he is the youngest of the herd and the naughty playful one .he is the prettiest and is also very friendly and fond of the grandchildren .one of their most endearing qualities is the love they show little children. in the photo you can see wobbly in the background and when they rest they fold themseves up almost like an ironingboard... well i'm off now to buy them some cider vinegar .i mix this with some molasses and garlic and add it to their alpaca muesli that they have once a day .the muesli supplements their diet the molasses for their coat and the cider vinegar for minerals and lastly garlic for the pesky australian flies and mosquitos ... talk soon

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Mildred said...

What adorable pictures. I clicked and enlarged them and the details are so vivid! Amazing how they look just like an ironing board folded down! Can't say that I envy them their diet! ha ha