Monday, July 30, 2012

i love it when something i am making ACTUALLY works out exactly as i had planned
it was a lovely hooky little really was
again's all about color and using lot's of different ones...but there are no uglies in this one
no sir..all bright and beautiful..
i shall name her bright and beautiful cardie..
off to the veggie patch as it is a beautiful sunny day here in western australia
then we are heading for 5 days rain...
we do need it but i don't have to like it!!!


Sarah said...

Hi Lynnie,

Glad I popped in! So many gorgeous projects I've missed. Love them all. Lots of beautiful colours that you've used here and on the blanket too. Love!


lemily1302 said...

Love love love this pretty colorful creation :-)

lemily1302 said...

Love love love this pretty colourful creation! Please keep blog blog blogging! Xxx