Saturday, March 17, 2012

Foetal positition

I am still in the foetal know the positition the experts say is a protective stance
I am slowly ...slowly unfurling
I still am finding that I have a really low
(actually zero) tolerance level..
By that I mean ...people that say " i

want to pick your brains"
I think since I became the different person that I now seem to be
I am constantly meeting needy and totally overinduged women
The constants in my life now mean more to me than ever
My family
My grandchildren
My true friends
I keep asking for guidance
It hasn't come yet
Maybe it's not time
So this post is being typed on my iPhone
As I sit looking out on the Indian ocean
You may ask why am I sitting here. Doing this
Hell , I don't know .
What I am thinking is "how the hell did I get here"?

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Julia said...

Thinking of you Lynnie..
Julia ♥