Sunday, January 16, 2011

counting my blessings

i am praying for all the flood victims on the east coast..
but i cannot watch another media frenzy on the subject.
the tragedy strikes through to the core of your being..
but then you start on a spiral of doom and gloom.
so i have donated and have nothing but absolute and total admiration for all the heroes
my mind then becomes confused and mayhem ensues as i try to ask 'why'
can't answer that one..
so what do you do??
i start a new crochet project to heal me...
you cannot think while repeating ...3 treble into next chain space ra ra ra..
so in my little world i am now ..for the moment...choosing to do some crocheting zone out
so blessings to them all wherever and whoever they are not alone...bless


Maria said...

Your crochet project looks very interesting. Can you share details please.
I am finding the media coverage a bit intrusive and upsetting, they have enough to deal with without that

Anonymous said...

Your cottage is looking lovely and the green colour especially fresh and 'seaside'.