Thursday, December 2, 2010

fire in the hold...

this week has been a real hellraiser..
we have had ..and are still ...had a massive bushfire too close for comfort..
so i have moved into the beach shack 6 kms down toward the beach..
then some bloody idiot decided to light a fire ..just give him to me and the other residents when they catch them!!!!
so i retreated to my happy place and finished another liberty beauty[3 now]..i must mention that i would not have come this far as a quilter? if it wasn't for my best buddy ...pat....thanks pat inspire me so so much..
now i am going back to my happy place to retreat into my bubble...cos i really don't like the outside world very much at present's full of crappy people doing crappy things ..and i am hanging by a thread..
i want the joy back ...NOW....


Julia said...

Lynnie...I was thinking about you all the time..too close for comfort that was.
I thought you had moved, so I was praying you were safe..
What idiots would do that...I just don't get it!
Love to everyone..
Julia ♥

Julia said...

Forgot to say...LOVE the quilt..
Pat's a darling...
Julia ♥

Danielle said...

quilt is fantastic - karma to the firebugs ! xx

jojo said...

Hi Lynnie,
I worried about you all when I saw where the fire was - glad all is OK...
Please send my best to dear Pat too.
Jo Brazier