Friday, August 20, 2010


well i am on the countdown....2 weeks to go to paris ....yay
i have a head like a least that is better than having cemented sinuses..all gone and i can b..r..e..a..t..h..e... again ..wonderful
then as i was coming throught the fog grandie asked for a quilt with strawberries and some caff kidsum [cath kidston] off we trotted to the stash and strawberry fields was born.
i love 4 inch squares..
they are a perfect size..
so what do i do when i have soo much to organize??
i quilt
and i start a new crochety project...also for the grandie..
we picked out bright and bright it is different to my normal palette..
baby cashmerino has such a yummy selection can never get bored
oh and i am also getting my crafty project together for the 21 hr or so journey ...
let u have a sneak peak next time..
so toodleoo and off to the machine i go ...


Danielle said...

wow nice !

Helsie said...

Lucky you! We have now been back from our lovely month long holiday in Paris and France for four months and I'm itching to go again.
BUT no money left !! Pity !!
I'm relying on you to post about your trip.

Maria said...

Love the strawberry material. I can see it with red gingham just for me
So exciting waiting for the big day. Countdown calender on the fridge?