Friday, April 23, 2010

whingeing pomm???

hmnn i am a little bit...
well at least for this week..
had more downs than ups..
so i decided to treat myself to my fav mag... a bright non cath kidston tea towel... oh and a bunch of lilies...nothing like flowers to make a person happy..
so off to have a cuppa cha .. a kitkat... and a read...
so that should take away the whingeing pomm in me !!???


Julia said...

Oh Lynnie..chin up... enjoy the Kitkat and a good read!
thinking of you!
Julia ♥

Danielle said...

you should take comfort in the fact that you were so so missed yesterday - coz we all luv u

Sarah said...

Hi Lynnie,

hope your eye is ok. Lovely seeing you last week - sorry for being so stoopid with the mille fleur - went back to the apartment and got it! Yay - so i will send some photos when I have made good progress.Thanks for sharing.